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Wine, perhaps more than any one thing, has an intense sense of place, origin and belonging.  Where it comes from is all important.
We often use the nebulous, untranslatable French term “Terroir” to try and identify everything that contributes to the taste of a wine.
From where the vineyard is located, to the variety of grape and how it is grown, to the conditions the winemaker tries to impose on the ever evolving wine.  
    We like to broaden the brush stroke.  The social and natural landscape of the vineyard and its surroundings most defiantly impact the way the taste of a wine is perceived.  And perhaps, the most important player in our “Terroir” is our customer’s input, their tastes and preferences, and how they will influence a wine in a future vintage.    
We are always available for comment, criticism or accolade, either in person or thru modern media.  So plan a visit, soon.  

The Strohlein Family
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