Antipasteria - Wine & Nosh. A photo of a happy couple enjoying themselves over a glass of wine.

Wine pairs best with warm conversation and good food. This philosophy led us to open the Antipasteria at our vineyard. Enjoy wine by the glass, antipasto plates, home-made soup by our very own Grandma Millie, and baked goods.

Our Antipasto Plate

The art of antipasto is held sacred by our family. Each component: salty, savory, sour, and sweet, must be held in perfect balance. Before Sunday dinner we graze on soppressata, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, fresh grapes, and artichoke hearts. However, nothing steals the show like a proper plate of cheese. And we take cheese very seriously.

Cheese plates must be nuanced and deftly balanced, varied in both taste and texture. That’s why we took the time to tweak and test our own to perfection. (And we assure you, none of us minded being guinea pigs).

Three cheeses are paired with dried apricots, dates, olives, toasted pecans, banana chips, roasted red peppers, and crackers. These flavors and our wines bring out the best in one another. While the entire wine list had something unique to offer as a pairing, we very much liked how our Joi fit the bill.

Grandma Millie's Soups

In an Italian kitchen, soup is a very personal thing. Culinary tradition, deeply rooted, serves more as a series of guidelines than actual rules. Pasta Putanesca is a perfect example – we all agree on what it is, and would know it if we saw it, but no two recipes are alike. Note: a ‘putana’ may be what your Italian grandmother will call any woman she sees wearing short-shorts, but it actually means ‘prostitute’. After a hard day’s work, putanas of old would cook a big batch of pasta, with a sauce comprised of whatever they had on hand, to feed their clients and gaggle of children. (We mean no disparagement, you have to respect women whose urge to feed the world is that strong.) (Click to read more...)

Catering by Mmm... Cookies

Our very own Lisa, the vintner's eldest niece, runs a baking and catering business called Mmm... Cookies. She specializes in miniature fruit tarts, chicken croquettes, Mediterranean salad, and more. Availability varies by week. She is also able to take custom orders.