*Sunset Nouveau - $20
Sweet Muscat - $12
Dulcinea - $12
La Brusca - $12
Apple Raspberry - $12
*Spiced Apple - $12

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Vicarious Wine Tasting - Sweet Wines

Dr. Stephen Strohlein reviews our sweet white Dulcinea and our sweet red La Brusca. This video also features a very unique wire sculpture on display at our vineyard. It is one continuous piece of wire shaped like Don Quixote astride his horse. It was bequeathed from the private art collection of Senator Olga Mendez to her niece Annette, who happens to be Stephen's wife. Olga was the first Puerto Rican woman to hold a state senate position on the US mainland and served New York for 28 years. She was a great patron of the arts, and was often gifted pieces featuring Don Quixote becaue her constituents felt she tilted against many windmills for them.

Vicarious Wine Tasting - Fruit Wines

Dr. Stephen Strohlein reviews our fruit wines, Apple Raspberry and Spiced Apple, while maintaining remarkable composure for someone who has tried nine wines. All of the granny smith apples we use are locally sourced.