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All wines available by the bottle or the glass.
We do not open bottles for consumption
on premises in Jim Thorpe.

Tastings are 5 for $10 or 3 for $6.

Dry & Semi-Dry White

Moonlight White

Made with the Cayuga White grape. A progeny of Seyval, with a flavor profile similar to Riesling, but ripening much earlier. Excellent with crab legs, or with German sausage and paté. $5/glass • $12/bottle


Vin Di Pasqualina

(vin dee pass-kwa-lean-a) Semi-Dry Rosé
A dry-ish rosé that at first sniff seems sweet. A blend of three grapes, but the aroma and character come from Niagara (an American grape variety). Add a few frozen grapes and a slice of peach to a glass, close your eyes and drift to the islands. Makes a killer sangria. $5/glass • $12/bottle

Dry Red

Marechal Foch

(mar-eh-shal fosh) Dry Red — FRENCH/AMERICAN
Small clusters of dark, tiny berries. A favorite of our local birds. Wine is medium-bodied with smooth, supple tannins and pleasant aroma of ripe, red fruits. $7/glass • $16/bottle


(fron-ten-ack) Dry Red — AMERICAN/ FRENCH
A relatively recently conceived variety from Minnesota, known for its cold tolerance and disease resistance. The wines are heavy, bordering on port. $7/glass • $16/bottle



(duhl-sin-ee-uh) Sweet White
Our sweet white wine made from Seyval. Not just sweet, but a well-balanced and delicious. The natural acidity plays well with the sweetness remaining in the finished wine. Good after dinner with fruits, nuts, and light desserts. Also pairs well with spicy Asian food. $5/glass • $12/bottle

La Brusca

(lah brusk-ah) Sweet Red — AMERICAN
Made with concord grapes. Moderately sweet with nice balance. Makes a wonderful sangria or chilled as an aperitif. $5/glass • $12/bottle

Apple Raspberry

Apple Wine — AMERICAN
An infusion of apple wine with red raspberries. The flavor of the apple is veiled by the perfume of the raspberry. Our sweetest wine. Goes well with fruit-based desserts. $5/glass • $12/bottle

Spiced Apple

Apple Wine — AMERICAN
A holiday wine made with locally grown Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, clove, and orange zest. Tastes just like apple pie in a bottle. $5/glass • $12/bottle


Spiked Apple Pie

Our Spiced Apple wine with ginger brandy, served warm.
$8/glass • Not available by the bottle


Our Moonlight White with mandarin orange and cranberry.
$8/glass • Not available by the bottle

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Purchase our wines online, or by calling us at 610-681-3959 to place an order. We ship via USPS.

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Our Vicarious Wine Tasting Series

Join Dr. Stephen Strohlein (our vintner's brother) as he tours Big Creek's wine list with his trademark wit, impeccable taste, and good humor. He discusses flavors, color, clarity, aroma, and his favorite food pairings. He also Includes useful tips on how to taste wine for those who are just getting started.

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